You might be wondering what you can expect from the 64-bit version of Photoshop CS4. If you are looking for increased speed, and not additional effects or interface improvements, the typical user will not notice much change.

You will notice that there are some minor performance enhancements based on Adobe's preliminary testing of about 10%. 10% is based on what the average user uses Photoshop CS4 for, such as opening a 10meg RAW picture and doing basic image manipulation. However, if you are opening a large 3.2 gigapixel image and then editing it, you will notice that Photoshop 64 will outperform its 32-bit counterpart 10 times over.

Unfortunately not too many of us do that! To be honest, I don't desire to lead you to believe that Photoshop CS4 isn't worth it. You can make the choice yourself, but really, is it worth it?

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