Gathering the news is all about finding the right sources: "Do ya know where I can reach this guy, I ask my source," the reporter says. "My source gives me a first name and a cell phone number, sayin' the guy's got all the inside scoop. Of course, I wanna talk to the guy with all the inside dope, but how do I know he's on the up-and-up, and all I got's a cell phone, ya know? I use my reverse directory service, just punchin' in the cell number. Sure enough, there's the guy's whole story—full name, address, landline, work location, the whole enchilada. Lookin' at the work info, right away I can see why the guy is in the know, and I got enough info to approach him like I'm a friend, put him at ease so he'll talk for the record. Best thing we ever got, that reverse phone look-up service."

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