Nothing can make you want to toss a photo aside like the presence of acne on the subject of the picture. Don't delete or cast aside that image yet, as you can fix that by touching up that photo in editing.

First, select the picture with the offending acne. Then click on the "Healing Brush Tool" and set the brush size to 5px for an example.

As you choose the brush size, set the "Hardness" to 100% and the "Spacing" to 25%. Press ALT while you click the mouse over a non-blemished area and click over the acne area to "clear up" the skin.

To remedy the areas with two different colors of blemishes, set the "Hardness" to 66% in order to blend the areas for a much more realistic effect. Finally click on Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation to balance the colors out. The Hue slider for example can be adjusted to even out the reddish colored blemishes.

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