Brahmastra Daily is inaugurated by Ex-prime minister and Nepali Congress party president Late. Girija Prasad Koirala on 27th Ashoj 2057. It is being published on regular basis and covering Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Makwanpur etc. districts through direct distribution channel. Brahmastra Daily is a reputed daily in the region and has been awarded for its excellency at several occasions of which more recently has got the award of honor presented by the Rt. Hon'ble vice-president of Nepal Mr. Parmanand Jha.

आजको ब्रह्मास्त्र दैनिक पढ्नुभयो ?





Brahmastra Daily is inaugurated by Ex-prime minister and Nepali Congress party president Late. Girija Prasad Koirala on 27th Ashoj 2057. It is being published on regular basis and covering Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Makwanpur etc. districts through direct distribution channel. Brahmastra Daily is a reputed daily in the region and has been awarded for its excellency at several occasions of which more recently has got the award of honor presented by the Rt. Hon'ble vice-president of Nepal Mr. Parmanand Jha.


 ब्रह्मास्त्र दैनिक इपेपर पिडिएफमा पढ्नुहोस

Why Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) needed Nepal ?

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Why Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) needed Nepal ?
The Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) is dedicated not only for its non-hindu mongoloid members, it is for all indigenous people, no matter of what party or profession they may belong to. Since we are being treated as refugees in our own land, it has become our common issue and our struggle has become our common agenda. The initiator of the movement of Mongolism entreats you all non-hindu people to understand the stand taken by the Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) for the freedom and bright future of the coming generations. We may contribute from our different walks of life in what so ever manner. We have to question, why only the native ethnic people of Nepal and India are still backward in every sense ? Only the political power ensures your economic power. Political power plays a vital role in every sphere of human life and national life. So let us be politically fully aware of it. Let us wake up, let us move forward unitedly. This is a new voice that animated our slogan of Mongolism. This is a call against anti social caste system and discrimination, that has victimised  our non-hindu indigenous people for centuries.
Because 80% of the total population of Nepal are non hindu indigenous (mulbasi) Mongols and only 20% 'A' and 'B' class hindu aryan (Indo-aryan). They entered in present Nepal as refugees from the different parts of India. Especially from chitaur, Rajastan, Kumaun, Garwal hill, Kasi and Benaras. Among the Hindu aryan Shah family first stepped in 1495 AD. From the western part of present Nepal and the Ranas in 1559 AD. No sooner hindu (Indo-aryan) entered in this holy land of Mongols as refugees then started a vicions net work of conspiracy against we the non hindu indigenous(mulbasi) Mongol peoples. After 64 years they succeeded in their vicions conspiracy and be headed the Ghalay King of Gorkha in 1559 AD. by Drabya Shah then down fall of indigenous (mulbasi) peoples started. But ironically the leaders and history writers of Nepal count since the year 1767 which is absolutely wrong.
The hindu imperialist refugees plundered our everything ie land, religion, culture, language etc. After near about 4 hundred & 50 years the mulbasi(indigenous) Mongols are made like refugees in our own soil. Because of political power into the grip of outsiders' They have written absolutely false history given wrong data and kept in dark not only to the alien but also in own country. At present the 20% hindu-aryan(Indo-aryan) have 60% land of the total land. 30% forestry 60+30 =90% left 10% of land. Out of 10% land 1-3% is rocky and snow capped. We the 80% mulbasi (indigenous) mongols have only 7% land so we are made landless. 75 to 80% of the houses are into the hand of 20% hindu-aryan and the figure shows that we are homeless too. 98% jobs are occupied by 20% hindu imperialist and so we are made jobless also. In fact we are made landless, homeless and jobless in our own land.
Political power is the master key of all locks. And political power is in grip of 20% plunderer hindu-aryan. And every thing is written false-fully, so the out side world knows nothing about the facts.
Non hindu mongol and invader as well as plunderer hindu-aryan and there are only two languages Tibeto-burmes and Indo-aryan. Our political battle is against the racial discrimination; until and unless we destroy political and racial hegemony of the hindu-aryan our future generation can not raise their head and their future remain in dark and insecure. In 1990 former palace collected a folk of well educated but not intellectual swindler and started swindling not only to the UNO but also to the innocent illiterate people of the country side in the name of indigenous (mulbasi). But they are janjatees (nomad, gypsy) and the sole of bahun (brahamin) in hindu society. They have similar face to indigenous mongol. And so they are cheating yet in the name of indigenous (mulbasi). Foreigners know nothing the difference of social status in hindu society. Janjatees are hindu but Mongols are not. Foreigners know only Nepali. Till today, I fought alone to save our future generation. Nepali politics is based not on ideology but on racism. I have to fight tooth and nail against the racism strongly in near future. So long I did not extend my hand for any body's help. But now I need your help for future political battle. MDP has to play a mother's role for motherless chicken. MDP needs from you well wishers help to save our down trodden down hearted mulbasi(indigenous) Mongol peoples from further exploitation and should left no stone unturn to fight against all round racism. The interim Constitution also is made like hindu Constitution.
What is Mongolism and why? We find three types of records of human community. In old days they were called Zapatize, Semetic, Hemetic, but nowadays they are termed as Mongoloid, Caucacious and Negroid. The Mongoloids were of yellow feature, the Caucacious were of white feature, and the Negroids were of black feature. The surrounding places of Shivalig Mountains were the original places of the Mongoloids. Those original places lie within the periphery of modern China, Nepal and India. The Aryans (who are also called Brahamins) had spread out from Caucacious mountains. The Caucacious Mountains lie between Caspian see and Black see, and they are in Russia these days. When the Haiti rulers invaded them before 19th century BC, a huge crowd of them fled from their original place and settled down in Iran for over four hundred years. Afterwards a branch of their race crossed Sindhu valley, plundering and terrorising others until they reached India. That was the history of 15th century BC. Thus, when they reached India in around three thousand and five hundred years ago, they were known as plunderers and terrorists. At that time, a great local Chettry personality had helped them and given them shelter, whose name they still revere as their god and call him Bishnu. The Brahmins used to celebrate on their loot and burn the leftover grains; that sort of practice was their Hom(fire worship) and Om. They still burn grains with butter. They commemorate the names of their principle deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in Om symbol. These gods had comprehensively played vital roles in destruction of the indigenous Mongols. If you turn up the front face of Om, its trident feature becomes distinct, which symbolises three afflictions.
In course of time, they plundered everywhere encroaching every vulnerable corner of India, and destroyed the heritage and civilization of Harappa and Mohenjodaro. With their arrival in Lumbini, caste-system became rampant. However, Sidaha (Sidartha) opposed such caste division and discrimination in society. Eventually Sidaha was expelled from his native land. After his expulsion, Sidaha meditated on social disharmony. He wanted to find out truth before taking any initiative against it. As a result of his sacrifice and austerity, he became 'Buddha' known to the world today as 'Lord Buddha'. But the Hindu Aryans, specially the Brahmins are spreading some fabricating stories against Buddha, talking nonsense about the existence of one more Buddha long before his period.
Buddha was an atheist, and I revere him and worship him. Buddha never talked about rebirth, nor did he believe in the existence of previous life. For Buddha, one's childhood stage itself was a birth, similarly youth stage was a birth, and an old age before death was another birth. Buddha loved equality, fraternity and freedom, and he was committed to spread this belief throughout his life. The Aryans did not like his teaching, because they believed in a chain of one's life events, which were previous past life, present life and the next life to come. They believed, the present life was a consequence or result of previous past life. And one had to earn merit either for betterment of next birth and life, or for the attainment of heaven. Such religious practice and the question of heaven and hell that aggravated fear in common people was a means of mass exploitation and extortion in name of religion. They cheated gullible people and imposed communal disharmony on non-hindu people of India and Nepal as well. Those unfortunate poor people became like slaves under the yoke of their racial tradition and rule. That is why our peopole are still poor and helpless, because the political rein is not in their own hand. It is obvious that the one with political rein in hand, controles the policy of the state, and he has the power to manipulate army and police force, for his own racial men are in the ruling chairs of administration. The Hindu Aryans are in power for over thousand years in India. Similarly they are in power in Nepal for about five hundred years, and they have inflicted deformities in Buddhist religion. The Buddhist people followed them and bowed down their heads to the Hindu kings touching their feet. This indiscreet practice further ruined the oldest Buddhist religion. Because of the begging attitude of the Hindu masters, the good name of the Buddhist religion was stigmatised, and this was a grave insult to Lord Budha. Nowadays, books and casettes in Buddha's name are distributed from Taiwan with a Hindu mark of swastika (trident) on the picture of Buddha. This swastika is the arbitrary symbol of Hitler. This was a conspiracy hetched in Nepal by a certain group, who falsely claimed theselves as Buddhists in order to destroy the identity of Buddhist religion. The followers of Mahayana consider themselves superior to Hinayana. Such injurious conception has vitiated much of the religious credentials and its glorious history. That was due to the direct influence of Hinduism. Such racial discrimination was actually contrary to Buddhism.  Hinduism was the product of Varnaasram, which is the cradle of racial discrimination, and classification of caste system. This racial discrimination was between Aryans, who had migrated to India from outside, and the indigenous people of India. This may be interpreted in terms of colour discrimination, because these two people differ in colour too. Every aspect of their life, such as political, social, cultural aspects of the two groups are different. In my openion, the idea of non-violence was psychologically imposed on Buddhists by the rulers, so that the Hindus could get victory over them without much physical resistence of the religious minded people.
According to the record of Shanker Digvijai, once all Buddhist people from Kanyakumari to the coastle line of South India were sought and slain  indiscriminately. Death penalty was announced by the local king after the  consultation with some Brahamins, who were always hetching conspiracy to destroy Buddhist religion, and at the same time they were conspiring to ensure aggresive enhancement of Hinduism and their discriminatory culture. Those Buddhist countries which are not yet infiltrated by Hinduism, there is no any discriminatory problem of Mahayana and Hinayana. Recently NK Goyanka (marwari) has initiated Bipasana movement, that has shown intriguing motive against Buddhist followers. This sort of motive was already depicted and manifested in their great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Prithivinarayan Shah had initiated the movement of Hinduism depicting Nepal as a true Hindusthan. The Rana rulers plundered the Buddhist bihars and hindunised them one after the other, just as the Buddhist temples and bihars of India were captured by Hindu rulers, and at the same time, they claimed the birth place of Krishna transforming those Buddhist places as their holy places. During Rana period in Nepal, the Buddhist teachers were banished, and their disciples were put behind bars, because they were considered as traitors. Even today the Buddhist scriptures and precious objects are stolen mysteriously, but the culprits go scotfree. A huge amount of money is spent for any Hindu temple like Pasupatinath temple, but not a single penny is alloted for any Buddhist temple. Ironically they get clean cheat even in the serious case of embegglement of Lumbini development fund, that was raised through foreign aids. No one can dare to challange to those impostors who enjoy their corruption with impunity. The excavation of Ayodhya has proved the existence of Buddhist statues and the evidence of other relics; even the Babari masjid was a place of Buddhist temple. Many religious areas of India were areas of Buddhist temples captured by Aryans in course of time. This was the result of amalgamation of non-violence movement in Buddhism, and the complacent attitude of the followers. Rather they should have followed this non-violence policy prudently, and at the same time with retaliation to the aggressive  intruders.
The Mongol people of Nepal used to eat cow meat. The Limbus of East Nepal had paid tax for it. The Rais had got their community title from the king. Hindu kings had forbidden them to eat beef meat. King Girwan Yudha had forbidden the Gurungs (Tamu) of Western Nepal, and had introduced buff meat instead of beef. Rajendra Bikram Shah disallowed the traditional custom of their Lama Buddhist priest, and eventually made them to bow and touch the feet of Brahamin priests.
Near Taplejung bazar there are three standing poles in a village, one is seven feet tall, and two of them are about three feet high; which were used for slaughtering cows, bulls and calves. There are ruins of a monastry and an old palace of a certain Buddhist ruler.  The  Mongoloid people of Nepal are called 'Bhote' by the Aryan people, because the mongoloid people belong to the Tibeto-burman language. Unlike the people of Sikkim, the indigenous people of Nepal feel humiliated, when they are called 'Bhote' by others. This is because of slave mentality after their hindunisation. There are only two languages and two classes (barna). The two languages are – Tibeto-burman language and Indo Aryan language. And the two classes (barnas) are – Mongoloid barna and Aryan barna(colour). Prithivinarayan Shah was an antinational ruler and advocated for Hindusthan. He was really an imperialist, who did knew little about barna. But the real pillers of the Hindu kings were the Brahamins, who were hindunising every aspects of the indigenous people, by destroying their tribal rules, economy, religion and custom; and by snatching away their land and property rendering them landless and homeless. Those wily feudal rulers and the hindu priests maintained mutual solidarity by putting away their mutual disaggrements in order to suppress other indigenous people, and they followed the policy of appeasement, allurement, punishment and discrimination against other people. They managed to get through by any means, because they had already captured the power of army, police force, administration, commerce, property and land from our people; who had become like toothless tigers and landless peasants, and who were not aware of their terrible plight. In such a situation the MDP's  struggle looks like embroiled, but nothing is impossible, and changes will take place. We just need determination, sacrifice and courage.
From the time of king Mahendra, the aboriginal people of Nepal were degraded as Sudras and were made stateless. Even non-hindu Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Jains were deprived of their rights, because Nepal was declared as a Hindu nation. The Hindu Aryans were once refugees and outsiders, but they became masters of our fate. At Mahendra's time, Dilmansing Thapa and Padma Sunder Lawati were degraded as Sudras, the lowest tier of the caste system.  Those two became loyal servants of their Hindu masters, and they served their Hindu masters subserviently just like a dog does to its master.
There is a semi literate group formed recently, who are not as literate as Dilmansing Thapa and Padmasunder Lawati, and they introduce themselves as 'Janjaati' and serve their party leaders, all  Bahuns and Chettries, the migrants of yesterday. There is a Chinese saying about the polar bear. It is believed, a polar bear has its prestige and place as long as it is on its snow land. It looses its esteem when it abandons its own land. Similarly the ancestors of Hindus migrated here, and they introduced their discriminatory caste system among our people. The untouchable 'Janjaati' castes like Smith, cobbler,  tailor, bard etc. belong to the lowest tier of the four Hindu castes (they are Bahun, Chettry, Baisya and Sudra). Surprisingly the Sudras and the two high castes have similar caste titles and subtitles. On the other hand, the lifestyle of Janjaati people is similar to that of non hindu local people. Actually the Janjaati slaves of migrating Ranas were mixed up with local indigenous people, and eventually those slaves forgot their original place, they forgot their ancestral history. For quite a long time, those untouchable people never indentified themselves as Janjaati, untill pro palace and communist groups hatched a derogatory propaganda during their Gorakhpur convention. Suresh Ale Magar and a communist leader Mohan Bikram Singh intensified this publicity in Nepal through different means of media, like radio, TV, newspapers and other periodicals.  
Our protest is not against their Janjaati identity, but they are falsely and jointly projecting our indegenious identity in front of international community. They are trying to mislead the international community by projecting us as Janjaati. Rather it would be more logical and fitting, if the untouchable Janjaatis are identified equal to high castes like Bahun and Chettry; because they have same caste titles and subtitles, same religion and rituals, same culture and creed. Do the untouchable castes have guts to claim this decorum ?
There is a conspiratory propaganda at the use of the word 'Adivasi', that was propagated by a communist party during their Biratnagar convention. In a treaty of pro-palace, Communist and Congress groups, of course Bahun and Chettry groups, the word 'Tribal' was translated 'Janjaati' in Nepali language. Since Bahun and Chettry are of Aryan origin and they have many racial groups, they too are 'Janjaati' in true sense. But only their untouchable castes are termed as 'Janjaati', who are  landless poor people. But unfortunately even our literate people are accepting this dehumanising 'Janjaati' title. According to caste system, the head of Hinduism is a Bahun, its protector or guard is a Chettry, and other two lower castes are considered as the bastard offsprings or their descendants.
The highcaste leaders are fighting among themselves for the chair or posts, and accumulating unlimited illegal wealth through corruption, extortion and conspiracy.  But the lower grade followers of the party are serving their racial leaders as devout Hanuman, even at the cost of their life. On the other hand, the MDP is fighting for the freedom of the unfortunate people who have neither a proper shelter nor any means of livelihood. The indigenous nonhindu people are being exploited in all respects, and they are to be freed from that vicious circle of bondages. They were suppressed mercilessly for ages and ages, and the struggle for the upliftment of such suppressed classes is not that smooth, because they are fallen into a deep slumber for many centuries; and you have to fight back the barriers of their poverty, ignorance, deficiency and illiteracy. Ironically they are not aware of their ignominious defeat and failure. So the MDP has taken steps to awaken them; so that the coming generations may see a glimmer of light with a guarantee of bright future. This unwavering fight has been waged with determination and vigour. It is not shaky any more. At the same time the counterpart racial groups are well equipped politically, economically and educationally; and are frantically reacting as the remnants of feudalism, who are misleading our people creating discord and animosity among our members for their selfish motive. It is in their innate nature, that was inherited from their racial masters like Kautillya, Chanakya, Manu Smriti and other great Hindu epic figures. They learn such discriminatory quotes and mantras from Veda, Purana and other Sanskrit scriptures. That is why the refugees who had come empty handed without any weapons, could manage to sack our land in course of time. Similarly the white people who had come with their religion and sacked South Africa, saw their decline after 350 years of their reign; and similar cases happeded after 100 years in Rodessia, and after 500 years in Bolivia respectively. Although the outsiders plundered those nations, they could not last for ever. It was clear that money and power were not everything for the survival of the despotic rulers. If the Mongol people stand up with courage against the refugees, they are sure to have victory over the arbitrary rulers.
The struggle waged by the Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) is for its future generations; because at present our people have become like refugees in their own ancestral land, and they are displaced in different foreign countries, either as mercineries or as cheap labourers, who are compelled  to leave their own country for their livelihood.  In whatever jobs they are engaged inside or outside, all of them are entreated to contemplate with retrospection for the sake of our own common entity; or at least for the future of our coming generations; Let us try to materialise the plans of our freedom fight initially in a peaceful manner. But if our peaceful manoeuvre fails due to undue pressure of the rulers, then obviously we will be compelled to take resort to strike action even to the extent of using weapons. We can predict even now that, the final victory is in our favour. But we need to be steady and united in our struggle. The Hindu rulers have  refuted and denied the Mongol identity of the indigenous people, and have discarded the registration right of the Mongol Democratic Party (MDP). Our people have to come up in election as candidates, as indipendent candidates or under any party banner, so that we may capture the house unitedly. Then only the despotic rulers will be compelled to acknowledge our party identity. The parties of Nelson Mandela and Sunyat Sen were barred and not allowed to be registered in their initial stages. But in course of time both leaders became presidents after a long struggle. So all our people need to come forward without being mislead by other racial exploiters. Let not our future generations point out our present stupidity and complacency. This is what I mean a sort of evolutionary initial  step or  theory. There is also another way out, which is drastic in nature, and that is arms revolutionary theory. Our ex-armies may play vital role in this gruesome endeavour, for they were exploited for many generations. Out of seven million ex-armies, one million heads will suffice to carry out the revolutionary fight. They are already well trained; so they need just right weapons. Till now they are surviving at the mercy of others, because whole gamut of government oppertunities from the lowest post of a peon to the highest post of prime minister are captured by high caste racial people, rendering our indigenous people jobless and helpless in a vicious circle of unemployment and misery.
Bishwa Hindu Parishad (BHP) has launched a programme of giving training to Hindu youth of different places. But the number of our people is much more, even in India the indigenous people outnumber them.
In one time, in 26 villages of Assam, the local youth looted the properties of the racial people and vandalised their shrines, but they never disturbed the indigenous people. Similar events took place in Bhutan.  Those who were propagating Hinduism and racial discriminatory culture with a concept of greater Nepal, were eventually expelled out and their blind followers too had to leave the country.  These facts came to my knowledge, when I visited the refugee  camps and enquired about their expulsion from Bhutan. After all, who had made our fore fathers to migrate in different parts of India ? Why the  descendants of our fore fathers are compelled to do all sorts of unsafe manual jobs over there ? They are working in tea gardans, coal mines and jungles of Darjeeling, Doors, Assam and other places.  Now the time has come to think it over seriously, how the racial rulers exploited our people classyfying us according to their racial discriminatory policy. The caste system of the Hindus is the political system in Nepal. The Shah dynesty exploited us for centuries. Those Shahs, Ranas and Bahuns who migrated here from Chitaur ruled over us indiscreetly. Our people have to realise this history, and have to speak out and act authentically without fear, because the guarantee of future is our victory. It may take time but does not look bleak. I know, this sort of  opposing or revolting  language will create ripples among the ruling classes, and such arguments are easily countered with racial unanimity, putting aside their mutual differences.
Once a certain writer named Chitraraj Upadhaya of Ramechap, had written, 'Mongoloid people are the descendants of demon.'  He should have known that, in early ages, the descendants of demon used to eat beef meat and the meat of the human skull(kaatto).  Their great teacher Basistha recommended the meat of young calf, cooked with butter, if you wanted to make your son intelligent. Even their kings provided them beef after slaughtering bulls every day. Once the bulls for ploughing fields were scarce in the kingdom, they stopped this practice of slaughtering the husbands of their mother cows for further consumption. Somras or madhuparka was their liquor for drink, and the beautiful fairy mentioned in their sastra was one of the  prostitutes. There is a striking similarity in the their racial discendants so far the demons are mentioned in his article.
They believe, the world is at the hand of god, the god is under the control of 'mantra', and the 'mantra' is at the hand of a Brahamin. So the world is at the hand of a Brahamin, or it belongs to him. A Brahamin is born to rule over the world, and others are subjugated to the wishes of their racial master.  Others are doomed to serve the self proclaimed master. They thought they had licence to confiscate the properties of others with impunity, and plundered  indigenous fore-fathers, or other people of India and Nepal. That was an age of 'mantra' or word, now it is the age of 'yantra' or weapons. Those who carried down a tradition of offering milk to stones, and giving 'som-ras' wine to men, managed to contrive such ways, where our gullible people continued fighting for the vested interests of the wily rulers letting them to enjoy the harvest; and consequently our fore-fathers became landless peasants. The racial rulers and masters became the feudal lordes.
Those racial people talk loudly about the political change of 1951 AD, in Nepal, which was actually not a big revolutionary change, because that historical event was only a transfer of power from Rana rulers to Shah rulers, who had nuptial relation for ages. After the reign of Rana rulers in Nepal, the Shah rulers came in power, because the political and economic power was transfered in their hand. Both dynesties are from Chitaur or Rajasthan. In the same way, the independence of India was also a transfer of power from one white Aryan people to another localised Aryan people. The indigenous people did not realise it at that political juncture. Most of our indigenous people of Nepal haven't realised this fact yet, even after half a century of socalled independence.
The racial interest is the main interest of Bahun Aryans, who can accomplish any atrocity for selfish motive. The most precious diamond 'Kohinoor' was secretly presented to the Bristish Governor Lord Welessi by a Brahamin priest of Jaganathpuri, it was a bribery case.
From 1911 to 1965 AD, 24,28,575 indigenous people (mostly of Gurung, Magar, Rai, Limbu and Tamang communities) were killed in different battles and countries. Those killed during Nalapani battle against British India, and Nepal unification period are not counted and included in this figure. Even during the time of king Mahendra, his high caste armies were sent to different rural areas and innocent Gurung, Magar, Rai and Limbu  people were killed after they were told to dig their own common graves. But soon later, the relatives of the deceased members approached the palace to salute the king, and they are still serving their masters being entangled in some minor posts and jobs for a handful monetary benefit. As the racial masters captured our fertile land, our people were compelled to survive under poverty line. Even our literate people are acting foolishly by following and serving the racial political parties. They do not even try to comprehend why and how they are being exploited. Thus they have made us equal to poor refugees on our own land.  We are compelled to live at the mercy of racial masters. We have lost our ancestral entity. If we are living an unsafe life, what would be the future of our coming generations ? Why don't we take it seriously ?
The racial rulers have projected a false picture of Nepal, and they have presented themselves as a nation  by showing a false census of Hindu majority in Nepal, and have  arbitrarily claimed it as a Hindu nation. The real picture of non-hindu indigenous people is being distorted and published outside the world.
The untouchable castes and 'Janjaatis', because of being laid trampled incessantly underfeet of their racial high caste masters, are unaware of their tragic condition. Even their literate figures are not fully aware of their dehumanised social status. The untouchable 'Janjaatis' are not aboriginal people of this land. People of all races and tribes are intermingled in such a way that they unknowingly worship the imported Hindu deities, whose pictures depict goddesses devouring human flash and drinking human blood. They blindly sacrifice animals and pray to those violent Hindu deities, but their wishes are never fulfilled. Rather those wily priests of the shrine get fatter; and their children get better education with that earning. This tradition and exploitation has been continued for centuries.  Our indigenous people have never tried to  realise it, because they blindly salute those racial masters and obsequiously touch their feet. Such practice was introduced since the time of Aryan invasion in India. They invaded India plundering everything whatever was on their way of advancement. They burnt all leftover grains, and the practice of burnt offering (Hom) was developed among them. Later, the devoted people began to bow down and touch the feet of the Brahamin priests presenting their offerings to the priests, who increased the number of rituals burning grains and ghee (butter). The poor people never realised how they were deprived of their food grains and property. The priests utter a word 'swahaa....!' while pouring ghee or butter in the sacrificial fire, and it signifies destruction or annihilation. Our forefathers and other people never realised its meaning implied in their own context. Whatever was taught to our society and communities by the racial priests, our people followed blindly without ever questioning the root causes of our poverty, backwardness, social disparity and other innumerous anomalies.  Consequently they were forced to serve their religious and feudal racial masters of high castes, always being economically bankrupt under the heavy yoke of their immediate religious and feudal masters.
The feudal Hindu Aryans had come to Nepal from Indian territory. They were afraid of Mugol rulers of India and took shelter in Nepal as refugees. The Bahuns came from Kumai, Garwal, Kashi Banaras.  The Shah and Rana imperialists came from Chitaur Mewar. Kumais are from Kumau, and Gyawalies are from Garwal. The 'Janjaatis' were the porters and servants of Shah and Rana masters; and they came to Nepal with their masters carrying their belongings. The untouchable castes like Kami, Damai, Sarki and Gainay were the lowest castes, and they were always in close contact with higher castes like Bahuns and Chettries. So there is much similarity at the classification of their subcastes. The 'Janjaatis' were serving Ranas, who were their masters at the time of their migration. Later on, they mingled freely with local indigenous people and began to assist them in their farming and cattle raising works. In course of time their social behaviour and customs were assimilated into mainstream indigenous social behaviour and customs. When the ancestors of Prithivinarayan Shah were chased away from Chitour, they were roaming over the plains of India, and finally settled down in Bhirkot, an area of Magar community in 1495. After 64 years of their settlement, the Shah refugees captured the hilly kingdom of Magar community and Gurung community, and then, established the custom of putting red 'tikaa' on their forehead. White 'tikaa' was a sign of peacae, and the red one was a sign of blood and victory.
Through conspiracy the racial Hindu rulers uprooted us. Following two Bahuns had initially contributed to lay foundation of Hinduism in Nepal. They were Ganesh Panday and Narayan Aryal, in whose master plan, Drabya Shah played a vital role. The racial Bahun and Chettry army of Drabya Shah surrounded the villages of Magar community at the cover of dark night; and Drabya Shah went to meet Ghalay king at Gorkha darbar. When the Ghalay king came down of his darbar to meet the visitor, Drabya Shah who was hiding at a dark corner outside the door, and he suddenly attacked the king and chopped off his head, and captured the palace without much confrontation. When the news of assessination of Ghalay king and the sudden capture of the palace reached to the people of Magar and Gurung villages, the racial high caste army came out from their hiding places and confronted them with arms and weapons. In such an unexpected critical situation, there was no alternative for the indigenous local  people except the last resort of peace treaty. So the astounded local people came out of their houses putting white 'tikaa' on their foreheads. This mixture of white curd and rice when pested on one's forehead was a sign of peace. But this sign of peace was not acceptable to the racial Bahun and Chettry attackers. Instead they mixed red blood in it and took more offensive step against the hapless native people. So most of the people of Ghalay community escaped from such violent scene and left their village. The descendants of this community are still found in Manang district, and they have preserved their Buddhist religion and culture over there. But those unfortunate ones who were left behind in Gorkha were hindunised by the racial rulers.
After the fall of Ghalay kingdom, a dark period of Gurung community started under the direct influence of the despotic Hindu rulers, who continued the use of red 'tikaa'. Gradually the land of Nepal fell into the hands of imperialist Hindu rulers one after the other, and the red colour was  institutionalised as an auspicious colour for the racial rulers. That was a symbolic sign of decline of our native religion, culture and tradition. During the festival of Dashain, the vogue of red 'tikaa' symbolised the victory of Hindu Aryans over the indigenous mongoloid people.  The Buddhist women who followed the rulers' religion and culture and celebrated Dashain festival with them in red attire and red sindur, they seemed to be unaware of their own slave mentality.
Actually white 'tikaa' signifies peace message of Buddha, and a white dove is released on peace day under the banner of UNO. The Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) has innovated a new practice of putting black 'tikaa' on the forehead on the occasion of Vijaya Dasami; because that was a black day in the history of indigenous people. Simililarly the sign of swastika is the sign of imperialist rulers, and Hitler was one of them. The Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) strongly refutes the celebration of Dasain 'tikaa' and Tihaar; because Hindu goddess Laxmi and goddess Saraswati are seducing our innocent people into false fantasy and allurement. We have to set free our coming generations from the bondage of such inducement. Laxmi and Saraswati were the daughters of Brahama and his consorts as well. If Saraswati were a goddess of knowledge, those high caste people would not have sent their children to foreign countries for further study and education. Similarly they would not crave to hustle their umemployed youth away for all sort of manual jobs and other oppertunities in foreign countries, where their goddesses are not worshiped at all . They used to call 'mleksha' to the white people of western countries, and they despised them for long.
The one degraded from the highest level of caste system was called Chettry, who was second to a Brahamin in their caste system. Both of them have similar subcastes. Some Chettries have earned their sub castes or titles as a reward from their racial masters, such as, Thapa, Khadka, Basnet, Karki etc. Similarly some outsiders too have earned their sub castes as a reward from their masters, such as, Thapa Magar, Basnet Gurung etc. Actually Nepal was a Buddhist country, and it suffered a severe setback at the hands of the Hindu imperial rulers. The image of Buddhism was distorted in couse of time. Ravana was a Buddhist emperor, who was as intelligent and brave as ten other rulers in one person. But he was depicted as a huge demon with ten ugly heads; and in contrast, a lean and thin Aryan prince was eulogised with extravagant praise, an incredible myth in itself. The motive of this epic was to instil a sense of despise towards Ravana, and at the same time to spread a religion of hero worship of an Aryan hero as a suprime deity among the people of other faith. So we have to augment by restablishing the mislead personality of Ravana and have to pay due respect or homage to him in near future, for he was a Buddhist hero and he was an extraordinarily intelligent and brave ruler.
Hinduism itself is not a religion, it is only an 'ism'. It was termed Hindu religion only since 1928 by the Brahamins. Nepal itsef was not a Hindu country, it was a Buddhist country. At that time there was no caste system and discrimination or class division among the people. There was no disparity and hatred. The Buddhists still follow lunar calendar and observe 'Losar' festival according to this calendar. The moon depicted in Nepali flag was the evidence of Chandrabansi Buddhists in Nepal.
Prithivinarayan Shah was not a figure of national unity, he was a Hindu imperialist ruler. He treated discriminately to other religions and languages. There was no religious equality during his reign. He was a staunch Hindu ruler, but the social status of a Bahun was higher than that of a Chettry king. So the Sanskrit language of the Brahamins got the topmost priority and a seperate budget was alloted for its teaching and development. They had budget for their media and schools. This budget was alloted from the nation's coffers. The government sanctioned six million rupees for a number of ninty one Bahun students of a certain Sanskrit hostel located in Kathmandu, whereas a large number of lower caste untouchable students got only a meagre aid of  forty five thousand rupees. Sanskrit language is no more spoken, already in moribund stage. But there is still government fund and provision for Sanskrit college and university.
In Khambuwan battle, two Bahuns, Harinanda Pokhrel and Trilochan Pokhrel had secretly helped Prithivinarayan Shah to launch an attack on Khambuwan. These two treacherous local agents hetched a conspiracy in  spying against Khambuwan and sent secret message and financial contribution to Prithivinarayan Shah. The enemy could attack through a secrete way with the help of the spy. Prithivinarayan Shah, who had mercilessly cut off noses and ears of the people of Kirtipur of all ages, had sent a spy group to Khumbuwan under the leadership of a Basnet spy, at whose instigation, the Bahuns and Chettries of Khumbuwan were brought under their side and command. Khumbuwan was a Kirat area and it was called central Kirat, that was on the western side of Arun river. The other side of it was called Limbuwan. Arun river was in between of these two hilly kingdoms. The Bahun and Chettry army followed the strategy of Drabya Shah, who had attacked Magar and Gurung kingdoms  at the cover of dark night. They followed the same strategy and planned to attack at night time. The racial army of the invaders was led by Amarsing Thapa and Ramkrishna Thapa, who ethnically belonged to Magar community, but were hindunised at the service of the conqueror. And many Magar and Gurung fighters were enrolled in the racial army of the Hindu king. The Khumbu people displayed great valour and refused to surrender. Similarly the people of Limbuwan also fought back bravely without raising any question of surrender. Later their fight ended in a treaty. Ramkrishna Kunwar had sent a report of the fighting how their racial army had slaughtered the Khumbu people and had thrown hundreds of them alive into the Arun river. Many of them migrated to further east and settled in Sikkim. One of their descendants is Pawan Chamling, who is serving the high caste masters in subservient manner in order to fulfill his vested interest . His policy of appeasement reflects his innermost cowardice in not coming forward to support his own indigenous people, but supporting his racial masters of high caste. Otherwise he would not have sanctioned millions of rupees for a hydro project at Rathong, that could have a devastating effect on a Buddhist region and religion. The Buddhists had to deplore it internationally, and it was stopped eventually. At present in his initiation, a statue is erected in honour of Bhanubhakta  Acharya, where he pays homage on every occasion and social event. To fall at the feet of their lifeless statue is his innate subservient nature and deep rooted cowardice.
The Bahuns have initiated a movement of erecting statues of Bhanu Bhakta in different parts of Nepal and India, so that the people of other clans too may bow down to those statues. The Chief Minister of Sikkim and some devotee Bahuns of Darjeeling are active in this movement. In fact, Bhanu Bhakta was a translator rather than a poet. How many poems did he write against anti social problems or issues ? There is no poet as great as Laxmi Prasad Devkota  in Nepal and Nepali literature. Bal Krishna Sam failed to tie wedding bond of Gauri and Santay in his 'Chiso Chulo' epic, because he himself was from an aristocrat family and could not accept the union with an untouchable commoner. Bhanu Bhakta was regarded as a great poet  by the racial rulers, because he translated the epic Ramayana, and presented an Aryan hero and an Aryan heroine of the epic as a great god and goddess among the people. Our people were made to worship them, and the original languages of the ethnic indigenous people were gradually overshadowed.
The Bible of Christians had greatly contributed to spread education in Darjeeling district, but not the Ramayana of Bhanu Bhakta. The Bible was translated in 'khas' language in 1921 AD. Besides it, JA Eton had written a grammar book in 1820 AD,  and a dictionary of Turnbul was published in 1887 AD. There were 25 primary schools already running at that time in Darjeeling district in 1821 AD. Darjeeling got hold of a copy of Ramayana  of Bhanu Bhakta only in 1930 AD. Later the secret agents of Rana rulers visited Darjeeling and some of them helped in teaching line, but their only motive was to spread Hinduism  through education; and they distorted even the history in their favour.
I have already mentioned that Bhanu Bhakta was a translator. He was a civil servant working for the Rana rulers. When he was found guilty of embezzlement, he was put behind bar. Once he had gone to ask for night hault in a house of Gajadhar Soti, who was absent at the time. In absence of her husband, the wife of Gajadhar Soti refused to let him stay inside her house, and she knew the man very well. Justifying his intention, Bhanu Bhakta wrote a vendictive poem defaming the dignity of a woman. Likewise, the story of digging a well by a benevolent grasscutter (by profession) is a fictitious episode, because there was no scarcity of water and there was no any custom of selling grass at that time and remote village. The location of the well itself is questionable. But unfortunately some literate people of Darjeeling and Sikkim salute their poet proudly without retrospection of slave mentality. One shoud be ashamd of celebrating Bhanu Jayanti with garlands and long speeches, because they are exibiting their ignorance. Such persons are literate people, but not elite. The Bahuns and Chettries are Nepalies in Nepal, just because they are residing in the territory of Nepal and they have acquired the citizenship of the land. They were here from India.  Once they go back to their ancestral place and hold the citizenship of India, they are no more Nepalies. But in the case of indigenous mongoloid people their Nepali identity remain intact, because their original land was Nepal.
The Bahuns started worshipping the cobra serpent, that was  a most poisonous serpent. In olden days, some mighty kings used to tame serpent girls from their childhood by giving poison at their food. When they were of age, they were sent to the enemy camp, and the entrapped enemy kings and rulers were sure to be doomed to extinction at their vicious love. So the serpent kings were mighty at the time when the Aryans had crossed their border. Since the Aryans were powerless they followed the policy of appeasement and innovated the tradition of serpent worship. In the long run due to this new practice, the powerful serpent rulers forgot the real secret and essence of their ageold tradition, and finally it ended up in common public worship ritual of the common people. Even today the serpent worship is observed in many places in hope of getting boons. The people were instigated even to worship inanimate objects  like stones, caves and trees, so that the priests could collect gifts and donations everywhere in the name of religion. And superstition prevailed over the native population, who never realized that they were being cheated by the Hindu priests. This exploitation has been continued for centuries, so the Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) was established to create awareness among our people against the social and religious malpractices introduced by the racial religious priests and rulers. Our people have to wake up for the safe future of our coming generation. The political struggle of Nepal and India is no other than the mutual struggle between Hindu Aryans and non-hindu native people. We have to be free from their bondage for the conservation of our language and religion. We need political consciousness at the same time for the consolidation of our position at the face of such identity crisis and anachronistic discriminatory racial policy.
The Hindu rulers have mentioned that this is a land of uncivilized people and thus have indicated themselves as outsiders, because indigenous mongoloid people are the owners of the land, aboriginal people of the land. Since it is not their land, they followed a discriminatory policy of keeping our people in darkness and backwardness. They picked up Bahun and Chettry candidates only in their cabinet and ministry, and other oppertunities as well.  Still they have maintained the same racial policy. So we have to question, who are the anti national elements, and who are the enemies of non-hindu indigenous people ?  The Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) has been established to challange these anti-national elements. The nation belongs to non-hindu people too. The Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) is for the protection, preservation and enhancement of 'Mongolism'. The anti secularist element and anti republic elements are the enimies of this 'Mongolism'. There should be a provision of a seperate ministry for the non-hindu indigenous people, and all the staff members  of the new ministry should  be according to the advice of the Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) . There should be a provision of 50 percent quota in every area. There should not be any comparision and connotation of the word  'Janjaati' with our identity.  These two factions are not the same for we have different identities. They should not fool us in such error.
A group of Janjaati swindlers is cheating us. In order to protect our people from such swindlers, the
Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) can play a role in between and can reduce the possibility of misuse of national coffer. The caste system of the Hindus and the caste division of Janjaati and the untouchable groups is found only in Hinduism.  They have four major castes and many sub-castes with multi branches. The lowest caste of them is Sudra, below which only an animal exists. The untouchable castes are 'Jaatis', below them constitutes the formation of 'Janjaati'. We need a new type of leadership that can digest new revolutionary thoughts and can bring dynamic changes in our out dated pattern of society. We are not within the discriminatory castes of the Hindu caste system. We are not Janjaati at all. It is time to realize it for the sake of all indigenous people.
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Brahmastr Daily: Why Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) needed Nepal ?
Why Mongol Democratic Party (MDP) needed Nepal ?
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